What are the advantages and disadvantages of trading forex options?

More and more traders are choosing to trade Forex options. This is because they manage to verify the good and the bad and they see that the former is much more than the latter. A currency option is an agreement or contract between an alternative buyer and a seller that gives the buyer the right to buy or sell an option without any underlying obligation. It indicates the buyer’s strike price and its expiration date. If the expiration date comes, the buyer can choose to use his option and buy the coin or he can choose to let the option expire. He just has to pay premium.

Given this definition, forex alternative trading actually offers many advantages over some of the financial instruments used on different exchanges. Some of the advantages mentioned are the limited risk involved in this transaction, unlimited chances of earning, low up-front cash requirements, flexibility features given to the trader, the possibility of using the option as a hedge on other positions to limit the risk and many preferred provisions for spot options.

As there are advantages, there are also some disadvantages in currency options trading. The premium set for this may vary according to the date and strike price of the option, which in turn changes the risk ratio as well as the reward. Once a trader buys a SPOT option, he may not change his mind about selling it. Predicting the scenario for a good time and date for the alternative may not be an easy task. Finally, it is sometimes taken as going against adversity. Apart from these, nothing bad can be said about currency alternative transactions.

Crypto Trend – Second Edition

In the first edition of CRYPTO TREND we have introduced Crypto Currency (CC) and answered various questions about this new market space. There is a lot of news in this market every day. Here are some highlights that give us a glimpse of how new and exciting this market place is:

The world’s largest futures exchange to create a futures contract for Bitcoin

Terry Duffy, president of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), said: “I think you’ll see us in the second week of December. [bitcoin futures] Deal out for list. Today you can’t shorten bitcoin, so that’s the only way it can go. You either buy it or sell it to someone else. So you create a two-way market, I think it’s always more effective. “

The CME regulator plans to launch Bitcoin Futures by the end of the year pending review. If successful, it will give investors an effective way to go “long” or “short” in Bitcoin. Some sellers of exchange-traded funds have also filed for Bitcoin ETFs which track Bitcoin futures.

These developments are likely to allow CC to invest in the cryptocurrency space without full ownership of CC or using the services of CC Exchange. Bitcoin futures can make digital assets more useful by allowing users and intermediaries to hedge their overseas-exchange risks. This may increase the acceptance of cryptocurrency by traders who want to accept Bitcoin payments but are wary of its volatile value. Institutional investors are also accustomed to trading regulated futures, which is not plagued by money laundering concerns.

The move by CME also suggests that Bitcoin has become too big to ignore, as the exchange appears to have canceled crypto futures in the recent past. Bitcoin is all about brokerage and trading firms that have suffered in a growing but unusually quiet market. If the futures of an exchange are closed, it will be almost impossible for another exchange like CME to capture it, as scale and liquidity are important in the derivatives market.

“You can’t ignore the fact that this is going to be a story that won’t go away,” Duffy said in an interview with CNBC. There are “mainstream companies” who want access to Bitcoin and there is a “huge paint-up demand” from clients, he said. Daphne thinks that bringing Bitcoin into the market by institutional traders can make it less volatile.

Japanese village to use cryptocurrency to raise capital for municipal revival

The Japanese village of Nishiyavakura is researching the idea of ​​having an initial currency offer (ICO) to raise capital for the revitalization of the municipality. This is a very fancy method, and they can ask for help from the national government or private investment. Several ICOs have had serious problems, and many investors are skeptical that any new tokens will be worth it, especially if the ICO turns into another joke or scandal. Bitcoin was certainly no joke.

Initial Currency Offer – (ICO)

We didn’t mention ICO in the first version of Crypto Trend, so let’s talk about it now. Unlike the initial public offering (IPO), where a company has an actual product or service for sale and you want to buy shares of their company, an ICO may be for anyone who wants to start a new blockchain project with the intention of creating one. A new token in their chain. The ICO is uncontrolled and there have been several complete shutdowns. A legitimate ICO, however, can raise a lot of cash for a new blockchain project and network funding. It is common for an ICO to create a high token value near the beginning and then soon return to reality. Because having an ICO is relatively easy if you know the technology and have some money, there have been many and today we have about 800 tokens. All these tokens have a name, they are all cryptocurrencies, and with the exception of very well known tokens like Bitcoin, Etherium and Lightcoin, they are called alt-coins. Crypto Trends does not recommend participating in ICOs at this time, as the risk is extremely high.

As we said in Issue 1, this market is now “Wild West” and we are advising caution. Some investors and early adopters have made huge profits in this market space; However, there are many who have lost a lot or everything. Governments are considering regulations because they want to know about every transaction so that all of them are taxed. They all have huge debts and are stuck for cash.

So far, the cryptocurrency market has avoided the financial problems and shortcomings of many government and conventional banks, and blockchain technology has the potential to solve many more problems.

One of the great features of Bitcoin is that the entrepreneurs chose a limited number of coins that could ever be made – 21 million – thus ensuring that the cryptocurrency would never inflate. The government can print as much money (fiat currency) as it wants and inflate their currency till death.

Future articles will discuss specific recommendations, however, make no mistake, the initial investment in this sector is only for your most speculative capital, money that you may lose.

If you are ready to invest in this market space then Crypto Trend will be your guide.

Stay tuned!

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Crypto Signal Service

If you keep an eye on the market, crypto trading can be profitable for you. However, you may find it difficult at times. Fortunately, if you need help, you can turn to Crypto Signal Services. The signals given to them can be used at the right time, to make the right decision. You can choose from many service providers. Below are some tips that can help you choose the right one. Read on to know more.

Quality of service

When choosing a service, quality is the number one factor to consider. Ideally, the trading platform should have a great success rate as far as predicted. In addition to this, it should provide relevant emotion so that you can get a better idea about the market trends and trades.

In addition, you will be able to receive instant signals so that you can take the right action. The service provider should be able to generate the signal as quickly as possible.


Remember that the service should be reliable because you are going to decide your trade based on their instructions. Therefore, you may want to choose a service that you can rely on. This is the only way to make the right choice and stay safe.

All you have to do is hire a provider that is legitimate. You are about to consult a specialist, not an automated software program.

Free trial

How do you know if a provider is genuine? The best way is to go to their service. Many providers offer free trial services. This is true even if you are going to rent any service, not just crypto trading.

The trial service will allow you to find out if the service is reliable Once you test the service, you can go ahead and pay for it in the long run


After the trial expires, you will need to pay for the service. Here it is important to remember that providers who offer free crypto signals may not be reliable. Similarly, you may not want to pay too much for the trial period. In fact, the price of the package should be fair so that you can enjoy the service without breaking the bank. So, you may want to do your homework to get the right service without spending a good deal.


Although it is great if their support is available round the clock, the important thing is to get the right information at the right time. They should be able to answer your question until you are satisfied.

Without reliable customer support, you will not be able to benefit from crypto signal services in the way you would.

In short, if you are going to hire a crypto signals service, we suggest you follow the tips given in this article. This way you can make the right choice.

Bitcoin risk

Bitcoin risks that investors need to be aware of

Risk one- Bitcoin volatility

Everyone knows how volatile Bitcoin is and those who invest in it will see the value of this cryptocurrency fluctuate dramatically. If you can’t cope with the rise and fall of Bitcoin, then investing in Bitcoin is not for you. There is no profit if you lose sleep due to loss of your capital. I can’t stress enough the importance of using your discretionary spending money to play in the cryptocurrency market.

What is discretionary expenditure?

This means money spent on travel, eating out, recreation, hobbies and sports.

You should never spend rent or money set aside for your leisure activities such as a day off at a race so you should not use that money to play cryptocurrency market.

Risk two-hacking

A company called “Cryptopia” which was an online bitcoin trading platform raised funds to invest in bitcoin. It was hacked and those who invested in Bitcoin with Cryptopia lost their money. There were some sad stories about some people losing huge sums of money. Person

It must be said again and again that your cryptocurrency money should never play with funds that you cannot lose or put too many eggs in a basket as many of these investors have done.

The other thing I need to add is that the actual amount of money lost by cryptocurrency investors due to the rising value of Bitcoin is likely to swell drastically. If someone invests $ 1,000 in Bitcoin and it reaches $ 10,000 in a few years just to lose a lot for them. It will go on record that this person lost 10k when in fact, they lost only 1k.

Risk of losing three passwords

An Australian man has been locked out of his Bitcoin wallet because he can’t even remember his password. The website that contains his bitcoin will permanently lock him out of his wallet if he has made ten failed login attempts. He did eight. He has more than 300k in his bitcoin wallet.

The lesson here is to write down your password and keep it locked in a safe place.

The other part of the advice is to diversify your portfolio so that you don’t lose too much in one hit if something goes terribly wrong.

Risk four-government control

The government has the power to ban crypto trading; China has done just that. Several Chinese agencies have joined forces to ban what is described as “illegal” cryptocurrency activity. This is not to say that other countries will follow suit, but it only points to the point that governments have the power to do so.

Risk five-tax

Two things in life are certain, death and taxes. You can be sure that at some point the taxpayer will want a portion of your bitcoin pie. Be it in the form of capital gains tax or increased value of bitcoin. It should be noted that if your Bitcoin capital gains are taxed, it may be possible to claim a tax refund on any capital loss. A good accountant will be able to advise you here.

Whatever form of capital gain you are investing in, always keep in mind that when there is a chance of capital gain, there is also the possibility of capital loss. Investing in cryptocurrency is risky so, it cannot be stressed enough that the money you invest in Bitcoin must be money that you can lose.

Advantages and disadvantages of exchange rates

The exchange rate is the rate at which the currency is traded. There are two types of currency exchange rates:

Floating exchange rate

Fixed exchange rate

The floating rate is a market-driven value for a currency determined by the free market power of demand and supply without government or central bank intervention. The floating exchange system consists of an independent floating system and a managed floating system. Where before the exchange was strictly determined by the free movement of demand and supply. In some cases it may be managed by the central bank to reduce daily fluctuations and is called a managed floating system. If the demand for money decreases or the supply increases, the rate of change will decrease and if the demand increases or the supply decreases, it will appreciate.

For a stable system, the government is reluctant to allow the country’s currency to float freely, and they suggest a level where the exchange rate will remain. The government takes whatever measures are necessary to maintain the rate and avoid fluctuations. There are two methods by which prices can be applied for the value of fixed and pegged coins.

In the shadow of a fixed system, sometimes a reduction in the rate is called a revaluation. An increase in the exchange rate is called devaluation. A devaluation at a certain rate would increase the current account balance, make a country’s exports less expensive for foreigners, and discourage imports by making imported goods more expensive for domestic consumers. This leads to an increase in trade surplus or a decrease in trade deficit. A revaluation of the reverse will occur.

Floating systems have the following advantages and disadvantages

The floating system has automatic correction because the country simply lets it go liberally to balance supply and demand.

রয়েছে There are restrictions from external economic events because the currency of a country under a certain system is not bound by the potential high world inflation rate.

Free movement of demand and supply provides a shield to the domestic economy from global economic fluctuations

• Companies cannot predict future rates and this adds to the uncertainty.

It leaves the international competition for a country’s products in a market that is often affected by speculative money flows;

Stable systems have the following advantages and disadvantages

There is assurance in a stable system. This makes international trade and investment less risky.

There is little or no speculation in a particular system.

The static system opposes the purpose of the free market and it is not able to handle the push as fast as the floating system.

The stock market averages

The average industry

Average is a term that can come up again and again in the market; What this means is the average price paid for a particular stock if you bought shares of that particular company.

To calculate the average price paid for a particular stock, add up the amount you paid for the shares and divide by the number of shares you bought in that company.

The answer is the average amount you paid per share.

Try this math question:

There are five numbers 10, 20, 30, 40, 50

What is the average number?


Add five numbers: 10 + 20 + 30 + 40 + 50 = 150

Divide the total five numbers by (150) 5

150 divided by 5 = 30 (answer)

You can do this easily with a calculator.

There are so many stock trading platforms available these days that investing directly in the stock market has never been easier for ordinary men and women.

So how does the average work?

If you buy stocks at regular intervals, you will have to pay a different price for each stock as the share price goes up and down. Imagine if you bought something at full price from a supermarket last week, you bought the same thing specifically this week. The average price you paid for the item will be somewhere between high price and low price.

That’s how the stock market works. By purchasing a certain stock at regular intervals you can raise some shares in it if the price is low. This is the advantage of regular storage.

In fact, I think there is a case of buying more shares when the price is low. The average price paid per share is determined by calculation as explained earlier.

The average strategy can also be used to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is more volatile than the stock market so a prudent investor who keeps an eye on the bargain can invest when the price goes down.

There are many stock trading platforms available that make the markets accessible to everyone playing. I joined the two of them in New Zealand. Stock trading platforms are available in most countries. It’s easy for them to sign up; You need some form of identification. Just follow the instructions and you’re all set up.


Market play requires a positive mindset and a cool head. If you have these, you can make a profit from a declining market. Average is a method that takes advantage of a declining market.

GBP / USD Seasonal Patterns – Use a Seasonal Strategy to Ensure Entry and Exit Points in Forex

We usually look at Forex charts in chronological order, day after day, week after week, and year after year. General charts describe the price of a currency (pair) over the years and can provide a lot of information for technologists to use. Yet there is another way to look at currency charts, and that is to look at them in seasonal fashion.

So what is Forex Seasonal Pattern or Forex Seasonal Chart? For us, seasonality is the tendency for a currency to move up or down at a certain point in the year.

Instead of looking at the currency data for the last 30 years in chronological order, what if you could take it every year (January to December) and put it on top of each other every year. All 30 years are then averaged and an initial value of 100 is set to provide a line that shows how the currency has worked for the last 30 years between January and December (below we will see the average of 5, 10 and 15 years). / USD will show a seasonal pattern where it is usually higher in certain months, or lower in others?

See pound futures below, but keep in mind that since pound futures are traded against the US dollar, we can use the pattern seen in the futures market to trade the GBP / USD seasonality pattern. Therefore, this information can be used in both futures and forex markets.

GBP / USD seasonal patterns – 5, 10 and 15 year seasonal

There are actually consistent GBP / USD seasonal patterns and we can see these patterns by looking at a seasonal chart of pound futures. These seasonal trends can be used to find the right time to trade GBP / USD Forex pairs (or pound futures).

The seasonal chart shows the trend of the pound over the last 5 years, 10 years and 15 years. Each average provides a different line, and it’s important to understand the seasons–This is an average, not a rule. Prices can deviate from the seasonal trend in any year and traders should not fight it. Yet we can find similarities between the three averages:

  • The pound usually forms a bottom in late March and then rises in late April.
  • From the beginning of May to mid-May is usually a bearish time.
  • A floor usually reconstitutes in mid-May and we see it rise further in early August.
  • Prices usually peak in early August and fall in early September.
  • After October our averages differ in not providing the same information as the short-term (5 years) long-term season averages (10 and 15 years) thus making seasonal trends less concise and less reliable at this time.
  • The average re-aligns to form a peak in early November and the price moves from mid-November to late. After that the average is again isolated.

Seasonality is not a tool to use on its own, but should be combined with price pattern analysis to determine entry and exit points. Yet the season gives us a window of time where we can look for trend reversals and feel more confident if we see a price pattern that points in the opposite direction during the seasonal windows given above.

It is important to keep in mind the overall trend of the market. Use seasonal low points to buy up trend. In the overall downward trend, use seasonal highs to get short or sell.

Digital currency


Cryptocurrency is a digital currency. It is also called virtual currency. It is a digital resource that uses cryptography to manage transactions, make cryptography seamlessly used and secure transactions. In many countries, cryptocurrencies are used as an alternative currency Bitcoin was first added in 2009 as a decentralized cryptocurrency. Since then, many different cryptocurrencies have come into the market. These are commonly known as Altcoins. These currencies use centralized digital money and decentralized management as a counterweight to the central banking system.

Distributed management uses Bitcoin’s blockchain transaction database as a paid ledger. An encryption device generates decentralized cryptocurrency at a predetermined price, which is communicated to the public. In centralized banking and the Federal Reserve system, the board or government manages the issuance of cash through cash printing units and exchanges through digital bankbooks. However, in a decentralized cryptocurrency, companies or governments cannot create new entities or support different companies, banks, or entities that hold an asset.

Satoshi Nakamoto Group has developed the built-in technology gadget for decentralized cryptocurrency. About one thousand cryptocurrencies were created by September 2017, most of them comparable to Bitcoin. In cryptocurrency systems, security, integrity and general lasers are maintained by a group of mutually suspicious groups known as miners, where the general public verifies using their computer systems and timestamp transactions are maintained by a specific timestamp scheme. Miners, to protect the safety of a cryptocurrency ledger for economic reasons.

Most cryptocurrencies are constantly reducing currency production, capturing the whole amount of currency in circulation, and mimicking precious metals. Unlike ordinary currencies, which are held by currency institutions, such as holding cash in stocks, cryptocurrency is difficult for law enforcement to seize. This problem is due to the use of cryptographic technology. Law enforcement officials encountered this problem in the Silk Road case, where Ulbricht’s bitcoin stash was “encrypted.” Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin are pseudonyms, although add-ons like Zerocoin are advised to keep authentic identities secret.

Some unknown individuals or people use the Satoshi Nakamoto title and added Bitcoin in 2009, the first digital currency. SHA-256, a cryptographic hash function, was used as a working scheme. Nemcoin was located in April 2011. Lightcoin was released in October 2011, the script had a hash function. Cryptocurrency, peercoin has used hybrids as proof of work. IoT does not use blockchain, it uses tangle. Built on a customized blockchain, the Divi Project allows effortless buying and selling of money from wallets and allows the use of non-publicly identifiable information for transactions. Many unique cryptocurrencies have since been created, but only a few have been successful because of their lack of technological innovation.

The first Bitcoin ATM was installed in Texas, USA on February 20, 2014 by Jordan Kelly, the creator of RoboCoin. This ATM was similar to a bank ATM but with the help of a scanner that studies identities such as the user’s passport or driver’s license. In 2017 about 1574 Bitcoin ATMs were mounted in different countries and in 2017 3 ATMs were connected every day.

The legal status of cryptocurrencies varies widely from country to country and is still enduring among many of them. While some countries explicitly allow their use and trade, others prohibit it. In addition, various government agencies have restricted Bitcoin differently. In 2014, the Chinese central bank banned the treatment of bitcoin by Chinese financial institutions. In Russia, however, cryptocurrencies are legal tender, although it is criminal to use currencies other than the Russian ruble to buy goods. The U.S. Internal Revenue Service allowed Bitcoin to be subject to capital gains tax, a ruling dated March 25, 2014 clarifying the legitimacy of Bitcoin.

Panesha Capital Exchange (PCEX) facility

The cryptocurrency market has emerged in 2017-2018; The total market cap of cryptocurrency reached $ 700 billion last year. With the huge market potential offered by cryptocurrency, digital currency trading is booming and several crypto-exchanges have been launched in the space of a year and many more are under development. Crypto-exchange is a platform where traders can exchange cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

Panesha Capital Exchange (PCEX) is a cryptocurrency trading platform that will launch in the 3rd quarter of 2018. PCEX provides secure, fast, high liquidity and employs a broker channel for added security. The platform is a one-stop trading solution; The cryptocurrency exchange is offering both cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency and fiat currency trading.

Advantages of PCEX

Multi-functional exchange platform

Many crypto-exchanges, even prominent platforms, only support crypto-to-crypto trades, forcing traders to conduct their operations on multiple exchanges. Crypto-traders first purchase cryptocurrency for Fiat money on a specific platform and then distribute the currency across different trading platforms to ensure liquidity and profitability. To convert digital currency into fiat, traders have only a handful of platforms to choose from. PCEX is a comprehensive solution that provides high liquidity; Crypto-traders can conduct all their business on a single platform and significant returns will be ensured.

High liquidity

To enhance the liquidity of digital assets in PCEX, the platform embodies all the key features for fast-moving exchanges;

A simple user interface to simplify the transaction process. Similar to the national stock exchange format for PCEX contacts.

Low transaction fees (emphasizes very low fees for trading on the PCEX platform).

A sophisticated buying-selling method through a superior matching engine. Trade orders will be matched quickly on the platform.

High-caliber order matching

PCEX users are offered a limit trading method so that they can buy or sell assets at their set price; The matching engine will try to increase sales within a limited period of time by matching users’ trades with a good price. The limit time will be set by the trader after which the trade order will be removed from the platform. PCEX has a superior order-matching engine capable of fast order matching.

Affordable fees

To conduct trades on PCEX, crypto-traders have to pay only two fees: transaction fee and withdrawal fee. The transaction fee on PCEX is much lower than the service fee similar to other platforms. A significant portion of the transaction fees go to PCEX brokers and sub-brokers; The platform will get a small part of the cut.

Broker and sub-broker channels

Brokers and sub-brokers for crypto-trading are a unique feature of the PCEX trading platform. Traders on crypto-exchange platforms typically face weak customer support and slow response. PCEX fixes this error by deploying a fleet of brokers and sub-brokers to assist traders individually in each trade. A single point of contact will be assigned to the traders of PCEX whom they can contact for help at any time. No dark time of non-response will ever be associated with PCEX.

Through broker channels and exceptional services, PCEX aims to build long-term relationships with users. The broker channel adds a layer of security to the platform.

High security

Incidentally, PCEX has several levels of security. The platform has a Clark-Wilson model of security architecture to ensure data integrity. Security measures will verify the acceptability of the information in PCEX so that data breaches can be prevented simultaneously. Need to assist inspectors for safe operation on the platform; There are devices and identities to protect the website. PCEX provides crypto-traders with a level of security that is impenetrable and protects traders’ identities and digital assets from hackers and accidental damage.

All PCEX users, brokers and sub-brokers must complete a KYC / AML protocol; PCEX is preparing for any rules that may arise in the future. Traders can also be assured of legal conduct on the platform.


Cryptocurrency trading is a volatile environment where prices are rising and falling almost every day. Price volatility depends on the country or state regulations, security, digital currency seller acceptance, big players, etc. Cryptocurrency trades offer much higher investment returns than traditional stock exchanges; Early investors made millions in cryptocurrency in 2017-2018.

To support the growing demand for digital currency and digital currency trading platforms, PCEX adopts an advanced structure with full-service tools. Everything a crypto-trader needs to run a smooth and effortless business is available on PCEX. In fact, PCEX goes the extra mile.

Explore new and exceptional crypto-exchanges at http://www.pcex.io.

Bitcoin Broker – Understand the benefits of cryptocurrency trading

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that can be spent, saved or invested and even stolen. Trading with Bitcoin was considered risky, but the current trend shows that it has become a major blow to the binary options sector. These decentralized currencies are not regulated by any government, or any central authority.

What determines the price of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is priced according to supply and demand ratios. When the demand increases the price goes up, when the demand decreases the price goes down. Bitcoin is limited in circulation, and new ones are created at a very slow pace. Since it does not have sufficient cash reserves to move its market value, its price can be extremely volatile.

Bitcoin Business Popular Reasons –

  • Low Inflation Risk – Inflation is the biggest problem for traders, as all the currencies lose some of their purchasing power if the RBI continues to print more currencies. Since the bitcoin minting system is limited to only 21 million bitcoins, it is rarely affected by inflation.
  • Low landslide risk – Currency fluctuations depend on government trade policy, which often leads to high inflation and even currency depreciation. Bitcoin is a virtual universal currency that is not regulated by any government.
  • Easy, safe and cheap – Bitcoin payments are peer-to-peer without any intermediaries, which is why it is easy and cheap.
  • Easy to carry – Millions of dollars worth of bitcoins can be carried in your pocket, on a memory stick. It cannot be done with gold or cash.
  • Undiscovered – Issuing bitcoin is not regulated by any government, so the risk of confiscation is zero.

Binary Options Bitcoin Trading Platform

Binary options brokers are getting acquainted with the popularity of these bitcoins and its ever-increasing values. So they are using this opportunity to offer merchants with the latest volatile crypto-currency as an additional payment method. Bitcoin brokers offer cryptocurrency as a trading option.

  • One Touch Option – Bitcoin can be traded with any option or one-touch option. The current popular currency pair, for example, is BTC / USD.

  • SetOption – The latest option available for asset trading is BITCOIN / USD.

Bitcoin brokers offer a simple trading online platform. All you have to do is visit their website, enter your details and create an account. You can start with a demo account to understand the market action.

Trading screens are easy.

  • Pick price direction (up / down)

  • Select the deadline

Is Bitcoin Trading Safe?

The Bitcoin network is probably the largest spread computing project in the world. The most common weakness here is the user error. Bitcoin wallet files, like any other digital form file, can be lost, stolen or accidentally deleted.

However, users can use secure security strategies to protect their cash. Alternatively, you can choose a service provider that offers a high level of security, as well as insurance against loss or theft.