Cryptocurrency mining

Cryptocurrency mining is a never ending game in this digital world. Bitcoin, the first decentralized currency introduced in the early 2000’s. Mining cryptocurrency is a complex process of verifying transactions and adding them to a public ledger (blockchain). This record of past transactions is called blockchain because it is a chain of blocks. The blockchain works to ensure that the rest of the network is transacted. Blockchain is also responsible for releasing new bitcoins. Many of the cryptocurrencies present depend on the core concept of each blockchain.

The mining process

The purpose of cryptocurrency was decentralized, secure and unchanging. So each and every transaction is scrambled. Once that scrambled transaction occurs, it is added to what many refer to as a “block” until a settled number of transactions has been recorded. At that point the block is connected to a chain – the blockchain – which is universally available. When mining Bitcoin, Dash, Lightcoin, ZCash, Etherium and many more cryptocurrencies, miners have to compile recent transactions into blocks and solve a mathematically difficult puzzle. There are several online bitcoin mining sites. It has become a very popular way to make money.

Cryptocurrency is cryptographic, which means it uses a special encryption to control the creation of coins and ensure transactions. A block is currently quite useless in the available form. However, after applying the algorithm to a specific block. When matched, miners get a few bitcoins. For the bitcoin ear through mining, mining has to be technical. Bitcoin mining is very competitive for profit. Making it difficult to estimate financial gain without estimating the value of Bitcoin. Payment is based on how much their hardware has contributed to solving that puzzle. The miners verify the transactions, make sure they are not false and keep the infrastructure buzzing.

Mine is the best coin

Bitcoins are not a wise decision for beginners who take shots on a small scale. Current advance estimates and maintenance costs, as well as the sheer scientific problem of the method, do not make it productive for buyer-level hardware. Currently, Bitcoin mining is reserved for a wide range of activities as it was. Litecoins, Dogecoins, and Feathercoins, then again, are three script-based digital forms of money that are the best money-saving benefits for beginners. Litecoin’s current estimate is that a person can earn anywhere from প 50 to 10 10 per day using customer-level mining hardware. Dogecoins and Feathercoins will return slightly lower benefits with a similar mining hardware yet becoming more popular every day. Pearcoin, as well, can be a sensibly fair gain for your time and vitality initiatives in the same way.

As more and more people join cryptocurrency growth, your decision may become more difficult for me because finding the coin will require more expensive hardware. You will either be forced to contribute strongly to the off chance that you will have to dig that coin, or you will have to take your income and convert it into less demanding cryptocurrency. The key to understanding the top 3 bitcoin mining strategies is where you need to start; This article focuses on mining script coins. Similarly, make sure you are in a country where bitcoin and bitcoin mining are legal.

The goal of mining

We are centered around cryptocurrency mining. The whole focal point of mining is accomplished in three things:

1. Give accounting administration to the currency network. Mining hall is called ‘checking transaction’ every minute of daily PC accounting.

2. Receive a small reward for your accounting administration by accepting fractions of coins every few days.

3. Keep your personal costs low, including power and hardware.

Some basic terms

A free personal database called Coin Wallet. It is a password-protected container that stores your earnings and keeps a huge record of transactions. A free mining software package, similar to AMD, usually consisting of cgminer and stratum. An enrollment in a web-based mining pool, a community of miners who integrate their PCs to increase profitability and wage stability. Listing on an online money exchange, where you can exchange your virtual coins in conventional cash and other ways. A reliable full-time web association, ideally 2 megabits per second or faster. A hardware setup location in your basement or other cool and air-conditioned area.

For the purpose of mining a work area or custom-made PC. True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing. A separate dedicated PC is ideal. Tip: Don’t use my laptop, gaming console or handheld device. These devices are not successful enough to generate wages. An ATI graphics processing unit (GPU) or a special processing device called a mining ASIC chip. Used for each GPU or ASIC chip will cost from $ 90 to 000 3000 new. The GPU or ASIC will be the workhorse for the accounting administration and mining work.

A house fan to blow cool air across your mining PC. Mining generates enough heat, and cooling hardware is important for your prosperity. Personal interest. You need a solid appetite for reading and constant learning, as new methods are constantly coming up to innovate and upgrade currency mining. The best coin miners are constantly on the lookout for the most ideal ways to adjust and improve their coin mining performance.

Cryptocurrency Mining Profit Every time a mathematical problem is understood, a constant amount of bitcoin is created. The amount of bitcoin generated per block starts at 50 and is halved in each 210,000 block (about four years). The current number of bitcoins given per block is 12.5. The last buck was halved in July 2016 and the next will be in 2020. Profits can be estimated using various online mining calculators. Improving the quality of digital currencies, for example, has led to large-scale initiatives by Bitcoin, Etherium, and Bitcoin Cash companies, and is necessary to support significant market growth in the near future.

Cryptocurrency mining is a computationally intensive process that requires a network of several PCs, known as blockchains, to verify transaction records. Excavators are offered a portion of the transaction charge and have a higher probability of finding another block through higher computational energy contributions. These support transactions help network clients provide enhanced security and guarantee integrity, relying as a significant factor influencing the development of the global cryptocurrency mining market.

Panesha Capital Exchange (PCEX)

Introduction to PCEX

PCEX is a user-friendly crypto-exchange that supports both digital currency to digital currency and digital currency to fiat currency trading. With multiple levels of security framework, PCEX is one of the most secure crypto exchanges in the world. The platform has a superior order-matching mechanism and offers limit trading to allow customers to trade at the best prices offered in the market.

The biggest drawback of crypto-exchange is the lack of liquidity; PCEX will form strategic partnerships to ensure high liquidity in customers’ assets. The platform has the lowest transaction fees in the market to preserve the profit margins of traders.

PCEX’s Broker / Sub-Broker Channel

PCEX’s broker and sub-broker channels are some of the best services the platform has to offer.

The platform has a well-trained channel of brokers and sub-brokers who are equipped to guide clients to the best digital currency practices. The channel is also a link between the subscriber and the platform.

As a broker / sub-broker, help your clients increase their revenue by leading them to the fastest growing market in the world; Digital currency market. The crypto-industry reached its peak in 2017-2018, with hundreds of investors growing into the 14 billion market. Known as the fastest growing industry in the current market, the crypto-industry has the highest ROI of all investments, including stocks, real estate and mutual funds. As a broker and sub-broker, capture a portion of this lucrative market by helping your clients grow their revenue faster.

Advantages of being a PCEX broker / sub-broker

In addition to the opportunity to enter a developing industry, PCEX brokers and sub-brokers have some interesting advantages:

A higher brokerage fee: PCEX’s fee structure tends to favor brokers and sub-brokers and tends to be less profitable. By ensuring that agents are well compensated, PCEX aims to expand a network of clients rather than just an initial profit.

Unlimited Incentives: The platform provides a wide range of incentives for brokers and sub-brokers for each individual service.

Market Training: By joining PCEX, brokers and sub-brokers are entitled to free training from experts in the field. Panesha Capital will equip agents with trick-of-the-trade so that they can guide PCEX clients on successful crypto-trading.


Join the high-income industry of crypto-currency trading as a broker / sub-broker with PCEX. The platform has some of the best features in the market and it offers customers high liquidity and minimum transaction fees. Earn high brokerage fees and attractive bonuses while helping your clients reach their maximum potential in crypto-trading.

Why invest in gold

Why should gold be the product that has this unique property? Perhaps this is because of its history as the first form of money and later as the basis of the gold standard that determines the value of all money. For this reason, gold provides introduction. Create a sense of security as a source of money that always has value, no matter what.

The properties of gold also explain why it is not related to other resources. These include stocks, bonds and oil.

The price of gold does not rise while other resources classify. Stocks and bonds are mutually exclusive because it does not have an inverse relationship.

Reasons to own gold

1. History of retaining its value

Unlike paper money, coins or other assets, gold has maintained its value for centuries. People see gold as a way to pass on and retain their wealth from one generation to the next.

2. Inflation
Historically, gold has been an excellent protection against inflation, as its cost continues to rise as the cost of living increases. Over the past 50 years, investors have seen the price of gold rise and the stock market fall in the years of high inflation.

3. Inflation
Inflation is a period when prices fall, economic activity slows and the economy is overwhelmed by excess debt and is not seen worldwide. During the Great Depression of the 1930’s, the relative purchasing power of gold increased while other prices fell sharply.

4. Geopolitical fears / causes
Gold retains its value not only in times of financial uncertainty but also in times of geopolitical uncertainty. It is also often referred to as a “crisis product” because people are fleeing for their relative safety as global tensions escalate. At this point, gold outperforms any other investment.

History of gold and coins

All world currencies are backed up by precious metals. One of them is that gold is playing a major role in supporting the value of all the world’s currencies. The bottom line is that gold is money and currencies are paper that can raise the priceless because governments have the power to determine the value of any country’s currency.

The future of currency We are at the tipping point

Why are smart investors investing in gold?

1. The market is now much more volatile after the Brexit and Trump elections. Ignoring all odds, the United States has chosen Donald Trump as its new president and no one can predict what will happen in the next four years. As commander-in-chief, Trump now has the power to declare nuclear war and no one can legally stop him. Britain has left the EU and other European countries want to do the same. Wherever you are in the Western world, uncertainty is in the air like never before.

2. The United States government is monitoring retirement provisions. In 2010, Portugal confiscated assets from retirement accounts to meet public deficits and debts. Ireland and France did the same thing in 2011 as Poland did in 2013. The US government. He observed. Since 2011, the finance ministry has borrowed four times as much from the government employees’ pension fund to cover the budget deficit. Many billionaire investors believe the legend of Jim Rogers that personal accounts will continue to be a government attack.

3. Top 5 US banks are now bigger than before the crisis. They have heard about the five largest banks in the United States and their systemic importance as the current financial crisis threatens to break them. Lawmakers and regulators have promised to address the issue as soon as the crisis is under control. More than five years after the end of the crisis, the five largest banks are more important and critical to the system than before the crisis. The government has exacerbated the problem by forcing so-called “large banks to fail” to exploit violations. If any of these sponsors fail now, it will be absolutely catastrophic.

4. The dangers of derivatives now threaten banks more than they did in 2007/2008. As promised by regulators, the derivatives that destroyed banks in 2008 have not disappeared. Today, the derivative exposure of the five largest U.S. banks is 45% higher than before the 2008 economic collapse. The estimated bubble surpassed $ 273 billion, up from $ 187 billion in 2008.

5. US interest rates are already at unusual levels, with the Fed having little room to cut interest rates. Even after the annual interest rate rises, the basic interest rate remains between 7 and 8 percent. Note that before the crisis began in August 2007, the interest rate on federal funds was 5.25%. In the next crisis, the Fed will have less than half a percentage point, which could lower interest rates to boost the economy.

6. US banks are not the safest place for your money Global Finance Magazine publishes an annual list of the 50 safest banks in the world. Only 5 of them are located in the United States. UU is just # 39 of the first position in a US bank order.

7. The Fed’s overall balance sheet deficit continues to grow compared to the 2008 financial crisis: The US Federal Reserve’s 2008 financial crisis still includes about 8 1.8 trillion worth of mortgage-backed securities, more than double the 1 trillion. I had before the crisis started. As mortgage-backed securities deteriorate again, the Federal Reserve has a much lower chance of exploiting bad assets than ever before.

8. The FDIC acknowledges that it has no reserves to cover another banking crisis. The FDIC’s most recent annual report shows that they will not have sufficient reserves to insure enough bank deposits in the country for at least another five years. This amazing revelation acknowledges that they can cover only 1.01% of bank deposits in the United States, or their bank deposits ranging from $ 1 to $ 100.

9. Long-term unemployment is higher than before the Great Recession. The unemployment rate was 4.4% in early 2007 before the last crisis began. Finally, when the unemployment rate reached 4.7% as the financial crisis began to devastate the U.S. economy, long-term unemployment remained high and declined significantly five years after the end of labor market participation. The previous crisis. Unemployment could be much higher as a result of the impending crisis.

10. US companies fail at record speed. In early 2016, Gallup CEO Jim Clifton announced that U.S. commercial failures were greater than start-ups starting for the first time in more than three decades. The deficit of medium and small companies has a big impact on an economy that has long been driven by the private sector. Big companies are not immune. Even heavyweights in the U.S. economy, such as Microsoft (which cut 18,000 jobs) and McDonald’s (which closed 700 stores a year) are experiencing this terrible trend.

Why do smart investors add physical gold to their retirement accounts?

Ensuring inflation and inflation.
Limited delivery increases demand
A safe haven in times of geopolitical, economic and financial instability.
Diversity and portfolio protection.
Stock price.
Cover against the collapse of the dollar and money printing policy.

Predicting gold prices is a foolish game

Focusing on gold price predictions is frustrating at times. The more sensational and spectacular the price forecast, the greater the noise.

It is worthwhile to take a look at some of these predictions to help keep things in perspective.

Title: Gold Forecast $ 6000, and Gold Mining Analysis by Visualization 23 January 2012

Quote: “If the current gold bull market follows the bull market time and limits of the 70’s, the gold price will reach 000 6000 before 2014. “

Gold price on January 23, 2012: $ 1679.00 per oz.

Gold price on March 14, 2014: $ 1382.00 per oz.

Gold price on 31st December 2014: $ 1181.00 per oz.

How far can the basis of a price prediction be? Not only has gold reached its target price, it has moved in the opposite direction – starting the same month – and is set to decline by 30 percent over the next two years, ending at $ 1205.00 an ounce on December 31, 2013.

Problem $ 6000.00 Gold is not rational. It is very reasonable, and possible; Probably even probably. However, the prediction was particularly time-based and was terribly misleading in terms of direction and time.

All of that is forgivable. Unless you own a subscription service and / or do not recommend investing to others, or provide trading advice.

Title: JPMorgan forecast gold at $ 1,800 in mid-2013 01 February 2013

Quotes:JPMorgan saw gold in mid-2013 as a “crisis” in South Africa and “increasing instability” in the Middle East.

Gold price was $ 1667.00 per ounce on the date the title appeared. Five months later, on June 29, 2013, the price of gold was $ 1233.00 per ounce.

The call for $ 1800.00 gold was a ‘safe’ forecast. An increase of only eight per cent from the existing (then) level of 67 1667.00 will result in gold price of $ 1800.00.

But, as in the previous example, the price has gone south with revenge; This time it has dropped 26 percent in five short months.

Title: Trump won the $ 1,500 signal Gold … 10 November 2016

Quote: “A Trump indicates US $ 1,500 per ounce for gold in the US presidential election … in the medium term.”

Gold price on 10 November 2016: $ 1258.00 per oz.

Gold price on 31st July 2017: $ 1268.00 per oz.

Apparently gold did not see the ‘signal’ because its current price is almost the same as the price of the day when the forecast was published just after the November election.

And what does the author mean by “intermediate term”? The higher the time frame, the lower the value in the prediction. The expected dollar growth rate is twenty percent. If it takes two years, it is about ten percent annually. In that case – or if it takes more than two years – is it worth the bold-faced title?

Title: Trump will send the price of gold to 10,000 10 November 2016

The price and date of gold are the same as in the example above. When can we expect some progress in the price target where gold was ten months ago?

Further foreign exchange forecasting usually focuses on the breakdown or collapse of the monetary system. The breakdown was caused by the complete rejection of the US dollar after decades of depreciation. People simply refuse to accept and hold US dollars in exchange for their products and services.

Now suppose you own gold at that time. Will you sell it? At what price? For how many worthless US dollars would you part with one ounce of gold?

If someone offered you one billion exclusive dollars for an ounce of gold today, would you take it? How about ten billion?

Okay, so what if we see a sharp fall in the value of the US dollar over the next few years? Let’s say the fall amounts to a loss of 50 percent purchasing power for the dollar from current levels. This would be equivalent to the approximately 00 2500.00 gold price per ounce, double the current level.

This is valid if gold and the US dollar are currently in balance (I think they are). In other words, the current price of gold at 50 1250/60 is an accurate reflection of the increasing depreciation of the US dollar since 1913.

Fifty percent reduction in the purchasing power of the US dollar will be reflected in the higher prices of other products and services; A pattern that has become very familiar over the last hundred years.

If there is a viable market, and you assume you sell some gold and make a profit, how much will it cost to decide what you want to buy? Do you really think that you will be able to buy other items at ‘discounted’ prices at that time?

In 1913 the price of gold was $ 20.00 per ounce. At present it is 60 1260.00 per ounce. Which increases more than sixty times. But it does not represent any gain. Because the general price level of today’s goods and services – in general – is sixty times higher than in 1913.

There are times when you can benefit from gold sharp rice in short-term situations. In general, this is just before the big change in the value of the US dollar, which reflects the perceived decline in the purchasing power of the dollar. And, to a lesser extent, it acknowledges when the expectations of others push the price of gold out of balance against the US dollar.

In 1999/2000 the price of gold dropped to -2 250-275.00 per ounce. It soon began a decade-long race in 2011 with a maximum price of $ 1900.00 per ounce.

After its peak in 2011, gold fell to a low of $ 1000.00 per ounce over the next five years. A short-term rebound in early 2016 brought it back to its current level ($ 1250-1350.00) where it usually does not break above or below any significant level.

Where were all these ‘experts’ in 1999/2000 and what were they predicting then?

And since 2011/2012? They have been saying the same thing over and over again. Why now! Buy more! Before it’s too late!

One day, it will be too late. However, the issue of financial survival is much higher now than before. Profit obsession, prediction and trading have obscured the real fundamentals.

And one way or another, most people’s profits can go up in smoke before they do anything meaningful.

Gold – Physical Gold – Real Money. It makes real sense because it is a treasure trove of value. And its value is constant. The value of the US dollar continues to decline over time. The steadily declining value of the US dollar and the perception of the people about it, as well as their expectations of it, determine the price of gold.

Why never another bitcoin

Okay, this has been a crazy 10 years for Bitcoin. In fact, Bitcoin was first created by Satoshi Nakamoto for more than 10 years. Whoever he, she or they were, they had a profound effect on the world. They undoubtedly predicted why they chose to disappear from the limelight.

So a decade later Bitcoin is still alive and strong. Thousands of other crypto coins have arrived since trying to imitate the king of crypto. Everyone has failed and will continue to fail. Bitcoin is a type. Something that cannot be replicated. If you don’t know, let me explain.

If you don’t know what Bitcoin is, here are a few key points:

  • Bitcoin is an online cryptocurrency

  • It has a maximum supply of 21 million

  • It cannot be forged

  • Not all coins are in circulation yet

  • It is completely decentralized so that no one controls it

  • It cannot be censored

  • It’s peer to peer money

  • Anyone can use it

  • Bitcoin has a fixed supply which decreases every 4 years

What makes Bitcoin different?

So what makes Bitcoin different from the thousands of other coins that have been invented since then?

When Bitcoin was first discovered, it slowly began to spread among a small group of people. It has grown organically. When people start to see the benefits of Bitcoin and how the price will go up due to its specific supply, it starts to go up fast.

The Bitcoin blockchain is now spread across thousands of computers around the world. It has spread beyond the control of any government. Its creator has disappeared and now it runs autonomously

Developers can upgrade and improve the Bitcoin network, but I have to agree with the whole Bitcoin network. No single person can control Bitcoin. This is what makes Bitcoin unique and impossible to replicate.

There are thousands of other cryptocurrencies now available but I will use Ethereum as an example of what sets Bitcoin apart. It is currently one of the largest Alt coins ever since it was invented by Vitalik Buterin in 2015.

Vitalik controls the Ethereum blockchain and is the ultimate player in any development that may occur at Ethereum.

Censorship and government intervention

For example, let’s say Iran is sending billions of dollars to North Korea to finance its new nuclear weapons program. This is not a good situation but it is supposed to show you how safe your money is in Bitcoin!

Anyway .. first example. Iran is using the standard banking system and is transferring money to the US dollar in North Korea. The US government says wait a minute, we have to seize these transactions and confiscate the money .. Easy. They do it directly and the problem is over.

The second example. The same thing will happen again but this time Iran is using Ethereum blockchain to send money to North Korea. The US government is watching what is happening. A phone call is made.

“Get Vitalic Buterin here now”

The U.S. government “put some pressure” on Vitalic, forcing him to return to the blockchain and cancel the deal with Iran. (The Ethereum blockchain was actually brought back before a hacker stole a significant amount of money).

Problem solving. Unfortunately Ethererum’s credibility will be lost along with its price.

Ethereum is just one example, but it is true for every other cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin cannot be stopped

So the same thing will happen again. This time Iran is using bitcoin as their payment method. The US government sees it and is unable to stop it.

There is no one to call. There is no one to stress. Bitcoin is out of censorship.

Every other cryptocurrency out there is created by someone or a company and it will always cause failure. They are still centralized.

Another example is if Vitalic’s family is held hostage.

Learn how to use Bitcoin

Everyone should own some bitcoin. It’s not without danger though. If you are new to Bitcoin then you need to learn as much as possible before investing any money. Owning Bitcoin comes with a lot of responsibility. Learn how to use Bitcoin safely.

Bitcoin Buying Guide – Easy 3-Step Guide to Buying Your First Bitcoin

Looking for a Bitcoin Buying Guide? Wondering where to start? People have a lot of misconceptions about Bitcoin – the first widely known and recognized cryptocurrency worldwide.

For example, many people think that only hackers and shadowy people use it. However, Bitcoin is actually going mainstream with everyone from TigerDirect to Dell from and even Subway now accepting payments in Bitcoin.

Why so popular?

Well, Bitcoin has many advantages over other currencies. For example, you can send Bitcoin as a payment to someone without a bank intermediary (and hit with extra fees). This is much faster than sending money through a bank wire or transfer. You can send Bitcoin to someone and receive the coin in seconds.

With all this, it is not surprising that many people are now trying to buy Bitcoin for the first time. But it’s not as easy as going to your bank and withdrawing bitcoin – or going to a store and hiding some hard-earned cash for bitcoin.

The system works a little differently than that. This bitcoin buying guide will take you through a few things you need to know before you buy – so that you can buy safely and securely.

First, the price can be over $ 2000 per coin, you don’t have to buy a whole bitcoin. Most places let you buy a bit of Bitcoin for as little as 20. So you can start small and go from there because you feel more comfortable with the way you work.

Second, this article will not be taken as general purpose and financial advice only. Bitcoin can be risky and you should consult with your financial advisor before making any purchases to see if it is right for you.

So here are 3 easy steps to buy Bitcoin:

# 1 Get a Bitcoin Wallet

The first step before buying your coins is to get a virtual wallet to store your coins. This wallet is a string of text that people can use to send you bitcoin.

There are a variety of wallets available on your phone or computer, including online wallets and even offline, cold storage wallets.

Most people like to get a wallet on their phone or computer. Popular wallets include Blockchain, Armory, Bitgo Mycelium and Zapo.

It’s usually as simple as downloading Wallet to your phone as an app or downloading software to your computer from Wallet’s main website.

# 2 Decide where to buy

There are different types of places to shop and each one is a little different. There, online sellers will sell you Bitcoin directly in cash (or bank wire or credit card).

There are exchanges where you can buy and sell bitcoin from others – like the stock market. There are also local exchanges that link you to vendors in your area who want to sell.

There are also ATMs where you go shopping with cash and deliver your coins to your wallet within minutes.

Every bitcoin seller has their advantages and disadvantages. ATMs, for example, are great for privacy, but they will charge you up to 20% above current prices, which is ridiculous. (At the BTC price of $ 2000, that’s $ 400! So you’re paying $ 2400 instead of $ 2000).

Wherever you decide to buy, be sure to do your research and go with a trusted seller with a good reputation and strong customer service. First-time buyers will have particular questions and may need additional assistance to help them with their first transaction.

Take your time and research different places to buy before you make a decision. Things to consider include currency prices, additional fees, payment methods and customer service.

# 3 Buy Bitcoin and carry it in your wallet

Once you find a place to buy, prepare your funds (meaning you can send a wire transfer or use your Visa to fund your account). Then wait for a better price. (Bitcoin prices fluctuate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Then place your order when you are ready.

Once your order is complete and your coins are ready, you may want to send them to your wallet. Just enter your bitcoin address and ask the seller to send your bitcoin. They will appear in your wallet within minutes to an hour (depending on how fast the seller is sending them).

Voila, you now own a bitcoin. You can now send coins to pay for other products and services, or hold them for rainy days.

One last thing to remember: Bitcoin is still in its infancy. There are huge price swings and the currency can be risky. Don’t buy more bitcoin than you can afford to lose.

10 Minutes Forex Wealth Builder – Can You Really Get Rich By Using 10 Minutes Forex Wealth Builder?

Let’s take a look at the exciting new Forex trading system, 10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder.

The manufacturers claim that you can make an incredible profit and that it will take you only 10 minutes of your time. This is an exciting claim to be made, but I personally want to see some kind of performance record to help me feel more confident that I too can earn thousands per week using this trading system.

Manufacturers also do not like trading indicators very much. Their experience in trying to make a profit using indicators has probably been bad. Proper use of an indicator is as important as any indicator you use in successful trading. This trading system claims to be a value based system and it helps you to make a profit if you use it and that’s fine.

I’ve seen a few examples of some of the trades on the system and it certainly makes me feel a lot more comfortable about its capabilities and its ability to make a profit for its users. I would, however, like to see some kind of a performance record track record. Because there is no performance report or any kind of track record does not indicate that this forex trading system does not work.

Trading system makers claim that the system has gone through all sorts of tests … I’m sure it was done to make sure it was profitable enough for those who use it.

I personally would like to see more testimonials from newcomers and it seems that the testimonials listed come from people who have more experience in Forex trading. This is actually a good thing that experienced Forex traders are supporting this product.

I am not saying that 10 minute forex wealth builder is not the biggest forex trading system known to people. In fact it could very well be just that. I can’t make that assessment based on the information they give me.

The good news for you is that you can take 10 minutes of Forex Wealth Builder for a test which is absolutely without any risk for you. Since the system comes with a 100% money-back guarantee you can simply combine a trading system with a free demo account and see for yourself how this forex system works.

Forex Online Trading – How To Use Bowling Bands And Stochastic Oscillators As A Trading Strategy

The software that traders use on online trading platforms is more user-friendly than it was a few years ago. This is one of the reasons for the growing interest in online forex trading. Traders prefer EURUSD, USDJYP and GPBUSD.

My focus in this article is on how to use bowling bands and stochastic oscillators as a trading strategy. The bowling band index is defined first and then the stochastic oscillator indicator. The latter explains how the two indicators act as a buy and sell signal.

Bowling band A currency graph consists of three lines. The first line is the moving average line. The second is the high standard deviation and the third is the low standard deviation. 95% of the closing price is in the bowling band. The preferred moving average is 21-times.

Selling and buying signals when the price of a currency exceeds a high value deviation and a low value deviation.

Stochastic oscillator Stochastic is also called a momentum indicator. A momentum indicator is an indicator that calculates the value of a change in price over a period of time.

The Stochastic was built by George Lane in the 1950s. The theory is that prices are going up and down like a wave. The waves bought an excess and moved into an oversold layer. The range is 100 percent and the buy level is 80 percent and the over-selling level is 20 percent. The market is considered bullish when there is a wave above the 50 percent level and the market is considered bearish when the price is below the 50 percent level. Bullish is when the market continues to grow. Bearish is when the market is on the decline.

The indicator consists of two lines. The stochastic line is represented as% K. % K is calculated as the current close minus minimum. The result is divided by the highest high minus the minimum low and multiplied by 100. The second line is The signal line is represented as% D. % D is a simple moving average of% K.

Stochastic develops as a slow indicator and a fast indicator. The difference is that the fast indicator is steeper than the slower one.

How to trade with trading strategies? When traders choose to trade with this strategy they are looking for a specific indication Purchase situation.

The indicators are:

1. The price line is outside the lower standard deviation.

2. Candle sticks are red and traders are looking for the first green candle sticks.

3. The market is in over-selling areas.

4. The buying situation is when the candle sticks turn green.

A. Sales situation The index is

1. Beyond the value deviation above the price line.

2. Candle sticks are green and traders are looking for the first red candle sticks.

3. Markets are in over-purchased areas.

4. The selling situation is when the candle sticks turn red.

This article shows a trading strategy based on bowling bands and stochastic indicators. The technique is easy to use and can be used by day traders who want to make small trades like 10 or 30 minute trades.

Planning to trade Monero Cryptocurrency? Here are the basics to get you started

One of the key principles of blockchain technology is to provide users with confidential privacy. Bitcoin relied on this premise as the first decentralized cryptocurrency to market itself to a wider audience which then needed a virtual currency free from government interference.

Unfortunately, along the way, Bitcoin has proven to be fraught with a number of vulnerabilities, including unproven and variable blockchain. All transactions and addresses are written on the blockchain making it easy for anyone to connect the dots and disclose their personal details based on existing user records. Some government and non-government organizations are already using blockchain analysis to read data on the Bitcoin platform.

Such flaws have led developers to look for alternative blockchain technology with improved security and speed. One of these projects is Monero, usually represented by the XMR ticker.

What is Monero?

Monero is a privacy-based cryptocurrency project whose main goal is to provide better privacy than other blockchain ecosystems. This technology shields users’ information through stealth addresses and ring signatures.

Stealth address refers to the creation of a single address for a single transaction. No two addresses can be pinned in a single transaction. The coins received go to a completely different address so that the whole process is obscured to an external observer.

Ring signatures, on the other hand, refer to the combination of account keys with public keys thus creating a “ring” of multiple signatories. This means that a monitoring agent cannot link a signature to a specific account. Unlike cryptography (the mathematical method of securing crypto projects), the ring is not a new kid in the signature block. Its principles were explored and recorded in a 2001 study by The Weizmann Institute and MIT.

Cryptography has certainly won the hearts of many developers and blockchain fans, but the truth is, it is still a new tool with a handful of uses. Since Monero uses already tested ring signature technology, it has distinguished itself as an acceptable legitimate project.

Things to know before you start Monero trading

The market of the mind

Monero’s market is similar to other cryptocurrencies. If you want to buy it then Kraken, Polonix and Bitfinex are some of the exchanges to visit. PoloniX took it first, followed by Bitfinex and finally Kraken.

This virtual currency appears to be mostly pegged to dollars or to peer-to-peer cryptocurrencies. Some available pairs include XMR / USD, XMR / BTC, XMR / EUR, XMR / XBT and many more. The trading volume and liquidity record of this currency are very good statistics.

One of the great things about XMR is that anyone can take part in mining, either in person or by joining a mining pool. Any computer with significantly better processing power can dig Monero blocks with some hiccups. ASICS (Application-Specified Integrated Circuit) which is currently mandatory for bitcoin mining.

Price disbelief

Despite being a strong cryptocurrency network, it is nothing special when it comes to volatility. Virtually all altcoins are highly volatile. This should not be a concern for any interested trader as this factor makes them profitable in the first place – you buy when prices are low and sell when they are on an upward trend.

In January 2015, the XMR was going at 0.25 then in May 2017 some jogging made $ 60 and it is currently bowling above the $ 300 mark. The Monero coin hit its ATH (all-time high) of $ 475 on January 7, before falling to 300 300 with other cryptocurrencies. At the time of writing, virtually all decentralized currency is in the process of price correction.

Functionality and acceptance

Thanks to the ability to offer reliable privacy, XMR has been adopted by many people that can be easily replaced with other currencies. Simply put, Monero can easily be traded for anything else.

All bitcoins in the Bitcoin blockchain are encrypted, and therefore, when something like theft occurs, every coin involved will be prevented from being treated unchanged. With Monero, you cannot distinguish one currency from another. Therefore, no seller can reject any of them because it is associated with a bad event.

Monero blockchain is currently the most trending cryptocurrency with a significant number of followers. Like other blockchain projects, its future looks great because of government crackdowns. As an investor, you need to do your due diligence and research before trading in any cryptocurrency. Where possible, seek the help of financial experts to guide you in the right direction.

Top 5 Ways Forex Industry Has Gained A Bad Reputation

Yes, we are really going to try to start this conversation. No, for this reason you should not avoid Forex or consider scams as potential clients. These are the real dilemmas that tarnish the image of art and diminish the activities that take place. Forex alignment has been a problem for brokers promoting their services and has also been a stigma for traders. Who is responsible for the downward spiral of the industry? Hint, hint: everyone involved.

5. Brokers are pushing for deposits in any fashion

Yes, the economy is in bad shape and businesses have to go the extra mile to make sure they have money in their coffers. Does it ridiculously excuse the minimum deposit? Does it excuse the sales call a few days after using a demo? Does it justify reckless cash back and leverage offers?

If the forex industry seems to have taken some tips from the casino gaming industry, you are probably more cautious than that. Casino and poker sites use rackback bonuses, comps and VIP points to build loyalty and they use deposit bonuses to get you to the door. Forex firms act like casinos to tarnish the reputation of the industry and the businesses that are going on. The weak performance of the brokers makes the move in the world’s most liquid and active market trivial and foolish.

Even ridiculously low level deposits are a problem, the $ 1 deposit is stupid. Then again, any broker taking a deposit below $ 250 will really make your head spin. Forex Horse Track, Resino, No Slot Machine Travel, No Lottery! People should trade in such a way that they feel comfortable but they will take trading steps seriously.

By acting like a casino, brokers are undermining the credibility of the foreign exchange market.

4. Signal pushers running wild

The Snake Oil sellers in the forex industry are ready to serve their holy grail developed by their “bright” minds who have tested the trends over the last 15 years which will guarantee you a% profit or winning percentage above a certain point. It’s just plain stupid, there’s no guarantee in the market. Even the company / sovereign / municipality will have to rate certain income securities to ensure repayment of the loan.

Websites are dirty for most signal pushers and they spam from forums and Twitter. They prey on those who are losing money so they can buy their services. If their signals were so good, there was no need to distribute them to the public for use at their price.

If someone has a signal software that works 80% of the time and locks at 20% profit, can they really try to distribute it at a price? No, users will trade based on this information and at the leverage level they will feel comfortable and will not share this valuable information. They will become rich in a short time and the world will not know about signal software. To what extent is signal software as good as algorithmic trading software for banks and hedge funds? Probably far from it. Yes, banks lose money in business even through high frequency trading.

There is no magic nectar, sorry.

3. Current form of demo trading

Do you have 100,000 to trade in Forex? Okay, do you have 50,000? Okay, what about 25,000? Okay, there’s forex brokerage – you believe it! Or so it seems … Could it be that these ridiculous demo quantities have been placed on the minds of traders to create unrealistic expectations so that they can trade in a real environment thinking that they can reach such a high level on their own?

Or … maybe brokers think they offer something that is so unrealistic that their demos are only for those who are interested in learning and gaining experience in trading software? Maybe the only realistic brokerage experience they can provide comes at a cost and is designed that way.

Another explanation might be that they don’t have a very good idea for driving and holding clients.

2. Forex scandal

The unfortunate thing about Forex is that bucket shops, scam artists, boiler rooms and brokers who trade against their clients are much more common than you think. These companies and the people who run them are throwing industry into the abyss. Regulations are evolving, and startups with alternative perspectives need to raise huge amounts of capital just to compete in specific markets where customers drive themselves are uncertain.

Forex scams make the industry seem shady and unpleasant, when in reality it is an alternative trading market for those who do not want to track 5,000 different companies. In the 1950s it was a lot like Las Vegas and it stigmatized everyone involved. It hurts to reach new clients because they’ve probably heard a horrible story about how someone lost a lot of money or their identity to a forex scam artist.

Those who run these sketchy operations should stop them from tearing or hitting their clients and clients should get their money back.

1. The traders themselves

From the dream of getting rich quick due to excessive leverage to not taking the time to choose the right broker to getting ready for live trading. Traders themselves discredit the industry because they failed at an outstanding clip of 65.01% (2nd quarter 2013 in the US).

The fear tactic used by many is that 95% of traders lose their money, but the facts do not actually support it. The so-called shrewd merchants talk nonsense as if the gospel is true, but the reality is that it is false. Businesses are more successful than what is talked about in message boards, forums and seminars. 65% failure rate is average, you will see failure rate from 54% to 78% depending on the broker. Not surprisingly, brokers attract users with ridiculously low deposits and have a high nonprofit rate.

The problem is that most traders are completely ignorant and give bad information when they interact with each other and with potential traders. It is detrimental to the industry.

Sustaining the problems that plague the industry will eventually put an end to retail trade in most parts of the world, and it will be a shame.