Says Coinbase "No decision" Made for Ripple

“There is no decision about the new assets,” Coinbase Ripple said in a statement

Coinbase is pushing back against rumors that it may soon add Ripple’s XRP token to its current trading pairs.

The speculation arose when Coinbase chief operating officer and president Asif Hirji appeared before Ripple chief executive Brad Girlhouse on March 6 in a special episode of CNBC’s “Fast Money” program. What’s more, the price of XRP rose above $ 1 on Monday, despite some hard confirmation from the supposed list.

After hours of radio blackouts on the issue, Coinbase used Twitter to go back on the rumors, revealing that the January announcement to list the new cryptocurrency – which is how the “committee of internal experts” finally made those decisions – did not change the subtle elements.

Our 4th January, 2018 statement continues: We have not decided to add additional assets to GDAX or Coinbase.

As for the prepared CNBC segment, it is not clear whether Girlhouse and Hirji will speak on the panel or show up independently. Host Melissa Lee earlier today tweeted a screenshot of a promo for the crypto-themed segment, which was similarly recorded by Passport Capital founder John Barbank and Social Capital founder and CEO Chamath Palihapitia.

A Ripple representative declined to comment on the rumors when he arrived.

Ripple also saw another outstanding month in which its cryptocurrency assets XRP lost significantly in early January vs. unequal heights.

XRP won the attention of its customers by shooting up to 1,000 percent as well as new clients earlier this year; Its blockchain startup has become the talk of the crypto industry in 2018.

However, it is essential that newcomers be aware that the root of all this incentive is due to the specific demands of the startup – in particular, that its technology will be able to transform international payments, improve the old methods of paying and follow. Among the notable financial institutions.

According to Ripple, not only are its products cheaper and faster, it proudly supports them as more systematic than the services available on the market today, a claim that primarily emphasizes the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Coinbase just threw a bit of cold water on Ripple enthusiasts eager to see their currency hit the popular mainstream exchange.

Ripple’s XRP will be in the next row after Bitcoin Cash reached a fever pitch in the coin hype category this week, with Ripple CEO Brad Girlinghouse and Coinbase President Asif Hirji seen reading something in line with a Tuesday segment of CNBC’s Fast Money. Which seems to be a panel discussion on cryptocurrency trends

Estimates based on the fast money segment have pushed XRP to $ 1.07, about 6% higher than the weekly average. The only currency in the top five according to Ripple’s XRP market cap that is not available on Coinbase, although due to the centralized nature of XRP and its very different goals compared to other cryptocurrency projects, its absence is not so surprising. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

No statement to the contrary is untrue and is not approved by the company. “

The company also linked to a January 5 blog post on the criteria for adding new assets. That post states that “Coinbase will only announce the addition of new assets through our blog posts or other official channels.” The company is probably not interested in repeating the chaos surrounding the introduction of bitcoin cash. Support for Coinbase’s new assets was officially announced ahead of time, but the rollout itself was marred by huge premiums, a trading fridge and an insider trading probe.