The best bitcoin trading platform

Cryptocurrency has not only provided the fastest way to transfer money, it has also provided a new entity for trading and making money with stocks and other commodities. While you can sell and buy Bitcoin directly, you can use the Bitcoin Trading Exchange to conduct your business in cryptocurrency. There are many exchanges where bitcoin trading is safe and secure and customers are offered many enhanced services. As a cryptocurrency investor or trader, you can choose any exchange for your comfort. However, it is advisable to peek into some reviews before opting out Below is a brief overview of the world’s top bitcoin exchanges

CoinBase: This is probably one of the most reputable and largest bitcoin trading exchanges, including dual benefit trading via direct and wallet. CoinBase was founded in 2012 by Y-Combinator’s enterprise search and has grown rapidly since then. It has many lucrative services such as multiple cash deposit and withdrawal options, instant money transfer between two coinbases, wallet facility with multiple signature options for more secure transfer, bitcoin deposit is insured for any loss etc. CoinBase has a variety of payment partners. Europe and the United States, which allow transactions to run smoothly through them. It has relatively low transaction fees and offers a lot of Altcoin trading as well as bitcoin trading.

CEX.IO: One of the oldest and most reputable exchanges launched in 2013, the London Bitcoin Trading Exchange and also as a Cloud Mining Facilitator. Later its mining capacity increased so much that it retained about half of the network mining capacity; However, it is now closed. “CEX.IO” allows customers to expand their bitcoin business to a much larger scale and has the advantage of providing instant bitcoin at the requested price. However, a slightly higher exchange rate is charged for this exchange, yet it is compensated for the security and convenience of allowing multi-currency transactions (dollars, euros and rubles) to buy bitcoin.

Bitfinex: It is one of the most advanced trading exchanges and is especially suitable for experienced crypto-currency traders. With high liquidity for Bitcoin as well as Ethereum, this exchange has better options such as leveraging, margin funding and multiple order trading. In addition, Bitfinex offers customizable GUI features, including many order types such as limits, stops, trailing stops, markets, and more. The exchange also offers about 50 currency pairs that can be traded and easily picked up by everyone. One of the largest exchanges in terms of volume transactions offers a pseudonym for Bitfinex trades and only some services require identification. The only downside to this exchange is that it does not support buying Bitcoin or any other Altcoin through Fiat transactions.

Bitstamp: It was founded in 2011 and is the oldest of the exchanges that offer cryptocurrency and bitcoin trading. The most respected reason is that despite being the oldest, it has never been a security threat and has been around until recently. Bitstamp currently supports four currencies Bitcoin, Etherium, Lightcoin and Ripple and is available on the mobile app as well as trading from the website. This is nice support for European users or traders who have an account with Euro Bank. Security improved and cold storage type, which means coins are stored offline So you can say that it is not completely possible for a hacker to infiltrate Lastly, its complex user interface suggests that it is not for novice users but for professionals and that it offers relatively low transaction fees.

Kraken: It is the largest bitcoin trading exchange in terms of liquidity, euro crypto trading volume and trading statistics for the Canadian dollar, USD and yen. Kraken is the most reputable exchange that operates through the turmoil of cryptocurrency transactions and at the same time manages to secure the amount of customers regardless of other exchanges being hacked. With 14+ cryptocurrency trading facility, the user can deposit fiat and cryptocurrency and with the same power for withdrawal. However, it is not suitable for beginners, but it has better security features and lower transaction fees than CoinBase. The most important thing for Kraken is that it is trusted within the community and has been the first to display volume and value at the Bloomberg terminal.