Forex Megadroid – Artificial Intelligence and RCPTA Technology

Since automated trading has taken the place of manual trading, the forex market has been flooded with all kinds of trading software called forex robots. Recently a new Forex robot has created a stir in the entire Forex market. More and more people are buying it because of its remarkable features. These features are remarkable because they not only protect the trade against many adversities but also predict future market changes.

The forex market changes rapidly. It is so unexpected that after a few hours the market conditions may change. Other Forex robots are programmed to operate in a specific market condition. Some work perfectly in volatile markets, some work well in trending markets, some work well in trending markets and so on. They fail as their respective favorable market conditions change. The question is how much software will users buy to compete in all types of market conditions?

The solution to this problem is Forex Megadroid. It not only works in all types of market conditions but can also predict future market changes that will occur in the next 2 to 4 hours, aligning itself with it. This software has a unique “Reverse Correlated Price and Time Analysis” technology (RCPTA). Experts call it artificial intelligence. Computer whistleblowers and programmers know that artificial intelligence is a decision-making software. This Droid could see a lot of future ahead. So this software can make profitable deals for the users based on its predictions.

Another great feature of Forex Robot is its consistency. Other software can gain when the forex market is ranging and can make losses when the market is trending as in both cases they use the same algorithm. They work the same way when the market goes in the opposite direction. We all understand what the result is. But RCPTA technology enables Forex Megadroid to work and profit in any way. So, using its “Market Adapting Intelligence”, it can definitely benefit its users consistently. This does not mean that robots do wrong or harm. It simply finds out where it went wrong and adjusts itself in such a way that it does not repeat the same thing. This gives an overall benefit.

Users testify to its high revenue compared to other software available in the market. Its makers claim that it can quadruple the user’s money and its record win percentage is 95.82%. Unlike other software, it is easy to download and manage. It takes a maximum of 5 minutes to download. It also has the ability to disappear from forex traders who can cause problems to users in a variety of ways. Brokers may not know that a robot is being used for trading.